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Research on Exploratory Learning Visualisation

Nov 7, 2017


Birkbeck Knowledge Lab research on visualising students' progress and changing affective states during exploratory learning tasks was presented at the 18th  International Conference on Artificial Intelligece in Education (AIED 2017) and the 10th International Conference on Educational Data Mining (EDM 2017), in two articles:

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Two Conference Keynote talks on Knowledge Graph querying

Jun 27, 2017

Alex Poulovassilis gave invited Keynotes at ICFCA 2017 and FQAS 2017 on supporting users' querying of Knowledge Graphs. Semantic web and information extraction technologies are enabling the creation of vast knowledge repositories that store information about entities and the relationships between them. However, users are unlikely to be familiar with the full structure and content of such datasets and may need to be assisted by tools that support interactive exploration and flexible querying. 

Research at the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab is investigating techniques for automatic approximation and relaxation of users' queries over knowledge graphs, with the aim of correcting users' erroneous queries, finding additional relevant answers, and generating new queries which may return unexpected results and bring new insights.  We are also researching techniques for facilitating users' meaning-making from query results, with the aim of allowing users to incrementally query, explore, and learn from large complex knowledge graphs. 

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New Wellcome Trust project in Medical Digital Humanities

Jun 15, 2017

Funding has been awarded by the Wellcome Trust for a six month-project to extend the Samtla system to medical archives, specifically the UK Medical Heritage archive, which represents a highly variable collection of primary source material in different media, time periods, and languages.  The project represents a new form of interdisciplinary collaboration, involving medical humanities researchers interested in adopting digital tools for exploring medical archives, to enable them to acquire a broader understanding of the depth and breadth of information stored in medical archives held by the Wellcome Trust.

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Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award for Sergio Gutierrez-Santos

Jun 8, 2017

Sergio Gutierrez-Santos, Senior Lecturer at the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab, has won the Birkbeck Excellence in Teaching Award for his innovations aimed at empowering and developing the autonomy of students' programming. Dr. Gutierrez-Santos says: 'My students do not spend much time in the class listening to me talking, they do that online at home. When they come to the class, they come to work like software engineers do; and I am there to support them as they evolve from programming novices solving easy tasks to competent programmers who can tackle problems taken directly from the real world'.

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Highly Commended Paper on Teachers' Attitudes to Use of Evidence in Teaching and Learning

Jun 7, 2017

An article on “Un-rational behaviour? What causes discrepancies between teachers' attitudes towards evidence use and actual instances of evidence use in schools?” by Dell Zhang and Chris Brown (UCL IOE) published in Journal of Educational Administration has been selected as a Highly Commended paper in the 2017 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. See

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New MRC-funded PhD studentship on Deep Neural Network Architectures for Clinical Data Analysis

Jun 6, 2017

Professor George Magoulas has been awarded an MRC-funded PhD studentship with Professors Michael Thomas and Mark Johnson (Department of Psychological Sciences) to investigate the use of deep neural network architectures for predicting clinical outcomes from EEG data collected from infants at risk of familial neurodevelopmental disorders. Applications to this studentship are being  coordinated by the UCL-Birkbeck MRC Doctoral Training Programme

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18-month Postdoctoral Researcher post on the Mapping Museums project

Nov 3, 2016

A vacancy is available for a Postdoctoral Researcher post on the AHRC-funded "Mapping Museums" project. We are seeking to appoint a computer scientist with a PhD in data management to work on this exciting interdisciplinary project starting 1st March 2017. The postholder will be a member of a broader interdisciplinary team and will be collaborating with domain experts in museum studies to research, design and implement a knowledge base relating to independent museums in the UK, as well as a range of visualisations enabling exploration of the data from the domain experts' different perspectives.

The application deadline is 27th November 2016. Full details of the post and how to apply.

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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Oct 25, 2016

BKL’s George Roussos led a session on 11th October on editing Wikipedia where participants learned how to create and update Wikipedia entries, focussing particularly on the coverage of women scientists in this encyclopaedia.  The event was part of the Ada Lovelace Day celebrations at Birkbeck organised by our Athena Swan committee. Ada Lovelace Day aims to encourage more girls to consider STEM careers and to support women already working in STEM subjects. 

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 1    Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2

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Presentations on Learning Design at ICSLE 2016 and ICWL 2016

Oct 12, 2016


Birkbeck Knowledge Lab research on Learning Design was presented at the 3rd International Conference on Smart Learning Environments in Tunis, September 2016, and the 15th International Conference on Web-based Learning in Rome, October 2016, in three articles:

A new paper has also been accepted to the Informatics journal:

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R-Ladies London

Oct 5, 2016

The Department of Computer Science at Birkbeck hosted an R-Ladies London meet-up on 2nd August.
R-Ladies London aims to encourage women's careers in STEM, with a focus on software development and R coding in particular. More information.

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New project in Learning Analytics

Oct 1, 2016

A new PhD studentship funded by the Bloomsbury Colleges will be investigating data analysis and visualisation techniques to expose the learning processes in project-based learning scenarios.  More information.

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Award for MSc Learning Technologies student

Sep 11, 2016

Veronica Cucuiat, who is completing her Masters in Learning Technologies, received the People’s Choice award at the London Hopper Colloquium 2016. More information.

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£1million research grant from AHRC to map UK's museums

Jun 14, 2016

Dr Fiona Candlin
, Reader in Museum Studies, and Prof Alex Poulovassilis, Director of the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab, have been awarded £1,012,460 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council for a new project to map and analyse the emergence, character and development of the UK independent museums sector from 1960-2020. More information.

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Research presentations at LAK 2016

Apr 29, 2016

Birkbeck Knowledge Lab research had a strong presence at the 6th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge in Edinburgh, April 2016, with three papers being presented reporting on ongoing collaborative research into providing intelligent support for students and teachers on online learning environments: